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  • Support of both PCI-X and PCI (legacy HP 9000 Superdome servers only) I/O

  • 64-bit 33 MHz (2X) industry-standard PCI

  • 64-bit 66 MHz (4X) industry-standard PCI

  • 64-bit 133 MHz industry-standard PCI-X

  • 16 2.0 GB/s I/O channels (32 GB/s per 64-processor or 64–mx2 Dual-Processor Module [128- CPU] system)

  • 192 PCI slots

Availability features for increased uptime

The HP Integrity Superdome servers are an ideal fit for today’s mission-critical environments. This family of servers has the increased system reliability and availability necessary to provide the right level of uptime for the mission-critical environment, based on the organization’s requirements. It is designed with system quality, resiliency, and fault management in mind, and it provides support for cluster failover (such as HP Serviceguard on HP-UX 11i version 2, Linux and Microsoft Cluster Service [MCSC] for Windows Server 2003, and, in 1H 2006, OpenVMS Clusters).

Flexibility with partitions

Integrity Superdome servers support only hard partitions at first release. Support of virtual partitions will be available in a follow-on update to HP-UX 11i v2 in 2005.

Partitions allow the Integrity Superdome to reach new heights in availability and scalability. These servers can be configured as one large symmetric multiprocessor or as several independent hard partitions, known as nPartitions. These nPartitions can provide hardware isolation as well as complete software isolation.

Investment protection, with support for PA-RISC or Intel Itanium processors

Quick and simple in-the-box upgrades from an HP 9000 Superdome with PA-RISC processors (e.g., PA-8700 750 MHz, PA-8700 875 MHz, and PA-8800 processors) to Integrity Superdome servers are available. In-the-box upgrades from an Integrity Superdome with Intel Itanium 2 processors to the new HP mx2 Dual-Processor Modules are also supported. These servers are the logical choice not only for your present and future high-end computing needs but also for helping to provide investment protection in the years to come.

Consistent manageability

HP is committed to making the management of the Integrity Superdome as simple and cost-effective as possible. Customers will be able to use the same great management capabilities to manage the new Integrity Superdome as those they have used with their current HP-UX, Linux, and Windows servers from HP—but with more advanced capabilities, particularly in the area of partition management. In addition, HP provides the Support Management Station, which provides additional diagnosis and test capabilities specifically for the Integrity Superdome.

HP Integrity Superdome configuration overview

You can choose HP Integrity Superdome servers in several different configurations—with capabilities from 2-way multiprocessing all the way to 128 processors. Depending on the model, Integrity Superdome servers come in one or two cabinets. Below is a summary of Integrity Superdome configurations.


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