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Returned Check Fee

A $25 fee will be assessed to any applicant whose check is returned to NCC for insufficient funds, stop payment or any other reason. Remittance of fees thereafter must be in the form of a money order or certified cashier’s check.

Credit Card Chargeback

If an applicant’s credit card company issues a notice of retrieval or a chargeback in response to the cardholder’s dispute of the credit card charge, the applicant will be required to submit to NCC a certified check or money order to cover the original cost plus an administrative fee of $25.

Third Party Payments

Applicant fees paid by third parties will be reimbursed to the third party in the event the applicant is determined ineligible or withdraws within the specified time. Reimbursement will be in accordance with stated refund policies.

Certification will be revoked or withheld if a returned check or a chargeback request on a credit card payment results in loss of income to NCC and the monies are not recovered in an alternate payment.  Fees received at any time will first be applied to any unpaid prior certification/special fees.

General Policies

Unsuccessful Candidates  

Candidates who do not pass the examination are not eligible for any refund.

Exam Category Changes

Requests to change examination category must be received in writing no later than a postmark date of August 7, 2009 for those taking the exam by paper and pencil.  A $30 fee is assessed for any exam category changes and must be remitted with the request.  Checks should be made payable to NCC.  Candidates taking the test by computer must request the change prior to making an appointment to take the test.  Eligibility must be re-established for the new examination category, and additional documentation and fees may be required. The time to consider eligibility for the new category will count toward the original 90 day window assigned to take the examination.  Examinees must take the examination for which they have been determined eligible. No changes will be permitted on examination day.  If a candidate knowingly or unknowingly takes an examination other than the one she/he was found eligible to take, the examination will not be scored. No refunds will be allowed, and all fee policies will apply if the candidate reapplies for an examination.

Retention of Answer Sheets and Examination Booklets  

All answer sheets are kept for one year from the date of the examination. Examination booklets used by the candidates are kept for six months from the date of the examination.  Computer answer strings are kept for at least one year from the date of the examination.


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