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Retest Policy

You may retake the examination if you do not pass. You must reapply, submit all applicable fees and documentation, and re-establish eligibility according to the appropriate deadlines. There is no limit to the number of times you may retake the examination, however candidates must wait at least 90 days before making application to retake the examination by computer or paper and pencil. All submission  deadlines for application for paper and pencil testing must be met.  No accommodation will be given to those who are retesting via paper and mode if they cannot meet application deadline because of the 90 day wait rule.   The maximum number of times a candidate can take the same NCC test in a calendar year is two.

Review Courses and Materials  

NCC does not offer or sponsor review courses or review materials for its certification examinations. Examination candidates should review any purported course of study as being independent of NCC. You should carefully examine the merits of any individual exam preparation offering before you participate.

Test Disclosure

NCC does not make test questions available for review. Because test questions may be used for more than one examination administration, distributing this information would compromise the security of the test questions and would increase the cost of certification if the questions had to be replaced each year.

Appeals Procedure

Any request to waive any policy of the NCC Board of Directors relative to eligibility, administration, examination content issues, or certification maintenance must be received in writing within 60 days of the dispute.  The correspondence should contain a detailed account as to why the NCC policy should be waived or the candidate’s status should be changed. Such requests are referred to the NCC Policy Review Committee of the Board of Directors. All decisions will be provided in writing. Cases not resolved by the Policy Review Committee will be referred to the full Board of Directors.  


It is the policy of NCC that no individual shall be excluded from the opportunity to participate in the NCC examination program on the basis of race, national origin, religion, sex, age, or disability.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Special testing accommodations will be provided pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act.  Contact the NCC office for further information before submitting your application.


Your certification may be revoked for falsifying any information submitted relative to eligibility to take the certification examination or for maintaining certification, if you lose your license to practice nursing, or if you fail to pay designated certification or maintenance fees.

Policies are subject to change without notice.


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