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Taking the Exam by Computer – What to Expect

After your identification has been confirmed, you will be directed to a testing carrel. The computer will be turned on and will be ready to be used.  You will be prompted on-screen to enter your NCC assigned ID number. Your photograph will be taken, and it will remain on-screen throughout your testing session. This photograph will also print on your pass/fail report.


NCC and AMP adhere to test administration and test security standards that are designed to assure that all candidates are provided the same opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. The Assessment Center is continuously monitored by audio and video surveillance equipment for security purposes.

Practice Test

Prior to attempting the examination, you will be given the opportunity to practice taking a test on the computer. The time you use for this practice test is NOT counted as part of your examination time. When you are comfortable with the computer testing process, you may quit the practice session and begin the timed examination.  If you have any questions about how the computer testing works, please ask your proctor.

Timed Examination

Following the practice test, you will begin the actual examination. Before beginning, instructions for taking the examination are provided on-screen.

Three (3) hours are allotted to complete the examination.

The computer monitors the time you spend on the examination. The examination will terminate if you exceed the time limit. You may click on the “Time” button in the lower right portion of the screen or select the TIME key to monitor your time. A digital clock indicating the time remaining for you to complete the examination will appear. The time feature may also be turned off during the examination.

Only one test item is presented at a time. The item number appears in the lower right portion of the screen. The entire test item appears on-screen (i.e., stem and three options labeled A, B, and C). Indicate your choice by either entering the letter of the option you think is correct (A, B, or C) or clicking on the option using the mouse. To change your answer, enter a different option by pressing the A, B, or C key or by clicking on the option using the mouse. You may change your answers as many times as you wish during the testing time limit.


To move to the next item, click on the forward arrow (>) in the lower right portion of the screen (see diagram above) or select the NEXT key. This action will move you forward through the examination item by item. If you wish to review any item or items, click the backward arrow (<) or use the left arrow key to move backward through the examination.


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