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A test item may be left unanswered for return later in the testing session. Items may also be bookmarked (flagged) for later review by clicking in the blank square to the right of the Time button. Click on the double arrow (>>) or select the NEXT key to advance to the next unanswered or bookmarked item on the examination. To identify all unanswered and bookmarked items, repeatedly click on the double arrow (>>) or press the NEXT key. When the examination is completed, the number of test items answered is reported. If not all items have been answered and there is time remaining, return to the examination and answer those items. Be sure to provide an answer for each test item before ending the examination. There is no penalty for guessing.

Online comments may be provided for any item by clicking on the button displaying an exclamation point (!) to the left of the Time button. This opens a dialogue box where comments may be entered. Comments will be reviewed, but individual responses will not be provided. NOTE: the time to make comments will be counted toward the test time, and no comments are acceptable as answers.

Rules of Computer Testing

Report to your designated Assessment Center location on the day of the examination at the time you were instructed when your appointment was scheduled. Candidates arriving more than 15 minutes late will not be admitted.

No books, papers, dictionaries, other reference materials or personal items (e.g., purses, briefcases, coats) may be taken into the Assessment Center; you must leave all personal items at home or in your automobile. AMP will not be responsible for loss of or damage to personal items.

You will be provided with scratch paper to use during the examination which must be returned to the supervisor at the completion of testing, or you will not receive a pass/fail report.  No documents or notes of any kind may be removed from the examination room.  All computer screens, questions, paper and written materials are the property of NCC and AMP and may not be reproduced in any form.

No questions concerning the content of the examination may be asked during the test.

Eating, drinking or smoking will not be permitted in the Assessment Center.

You may take a break whenever you wish, but you will not be allowed additional time to make up for time lost during breaks.

The supervisor may dismiss a candidate from the examination for any of the following reasons:

●   the candidate’s admission to the examination is unauthorized

●   the candidate creates a disturbance, is abusive, or otherwise uncooperative

●   the candidate gives or receives help or is suspected of doing so

●   the candidate attempts to record test questions or to make notes

No electronic devices other than approved calculators are permitted in the Assessment Center, including telephones, signaling devices such as pagers and alarms and photographic or duplicating devices. In addition, personal digital assistants (PDAs) and other hand-held computers are prohibited.

NCC allows candidates to bring a battery-operated noiseless, non-programmable calculator to the test site.


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