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Forfeiture of Fees

All fees will be forfeited by the candidate for any of the following:

Failure to follow any AMP rules

Failure to appear at the test center (no-show) without requesting an extension or a deferral within the allotted time period

Failure to call for an appointment within the 90 day window

Arrival too late at the test center

Refusal of entry because of failure to have proper ID or to meet any required rule

Dismissal from the test center for being disruptive or otherwise disorderly to other

test candidates, test center personnel or others at the test center

Violation of any of the above provisions results in dismissal from the testing session. The candidate’s results on the examination are voided and examination fees are not refunded.

Exam Results Notification

After completing the examination or once the allotted time has expired, candidates are asked to complete a short evaluation of their testing experience. Then candidates are instructed to report to the testing supervisor to receive their pass/fail report. 

The pass/fail report received at the test site will indicate pass or fail status only and will be unofficial until you receive official written notice from NCC.  This process allows NCC to verify the accuracy of all test results.

Your official notice will be sent within 21 business days of your test date via US first class mail.  Pass/fail status will not be reported over the telephone, the NCC website, by electronic mail, express mail or by fax.  There are no exceptions to this policy. 

Your official notice will confirm your PASS or FAIL status. Additional reporting regarding areas of strength and weakness in the various examination content areas will be included. 

Third party notification of pass/fail status will not be released without authorization from the candidate.  A $30 fee is required for any third party notification or issuance of duplicate pass/fail reports.  Such verifications will not be issued until written confirmation of pass/fail is made by NCC and the candidate is so notified.  Verification requests can only be made via the online verification system on the NCC website.  NCC no longer issues verifications via mail or fax.


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