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Thin Web Server

Setup Program – Serial Connection


10. Click the Logging tab. You can enable or disable historical data logging & alarm logging and change their default update interval.

; Historical data logging enabled or disabled flag Historical data logging update interval (15 to 30 minutes) Default frequency is 30 minutes

; Alarm logging enabled or disabled flag Alarms logging update interval (5 -20 seconds) Default frequency is 5 seconds

11. Click the Company Info tab. Fill in the site information. This information will be displayed at the Thin Web Server home page.

Site Name Company Domain Name Street City State Zip Code Contact Name Contact Phone # Email Address Site Description

12. Click the Protocol tab. Click the protocol that you want to use for third party device interface. Then select the com port and baud rate to match with the Master device.

  • 13.

    On the File menu click Save to retain all your settings.

  • 14.

    On the Communication menu click Upload To Server

to transfer your settings to the ThinWeb Server.



ThinWeb Server

  • Be sure that the ThinWeb Server is properly connected to all devices and that it is powered up.

  • Be sure that the ThinWeb Server COM1 is connected to the COM port of the PC running the setup program. A special serial cable is provided.

  • If a Timed Out error message is displayed, the upload to the server did not occur. Recheck the COM port con- nections of the PC and the ThinWeb Server.

  • Print config. file or copy it onto a diskette for safekeeping

    • 15.

      Now check System Configuration as described in the

User’s Guide (correct the date & time if necessary).

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