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Thin Web Server

Setup – Ethernet Connection


How to Establish Communication with the Thin Web Server via Ethernet Connection

To set up the Thin Web Server via Ethernet connection, follow this procedure.

Required items:


Portable laptop computer with network card, running Windows Xp, Windows 2000, or Windows NT, and Windows Internet Explorer 5.0 + installed. Ethernet crossover network cable (part no. 629590-006)

. Directly connect the specified Ethernet crossover

cable between your laptop’s Ethernet jack and the deenergized Thin Web Server port LAN1 (page 1-1)

  • 2.

    Refer to the section 8 and select the appropriate TCP/IP Installation & Configuration instructions for your laptop computer’s operating system. This procedure sets up your laptop computer (if necessary) for network connections and tests communications to the Thin Web Server.

  • 3.

    After you have confirmed communication with the Thin Web Server, continue to the next page to view and change the configuration of the Thin Web Server.

Now view and change the configuration (next column)

How to View & Change Configuration Page from the Thin Web Server

To view and change configuration pages on a client computer, follow these steps:

1. 2.

Be sure that your computer is connected to the network. Start Microsoft Internet Explorer browser on computer.


In the address bar, type in the address Server, add /config.htm, press Enter :





  • 5.

    Fill in the IP address, subnet, and gateway.

  • 6.

    Enter up to 5 Users (include yourself), their Passwords, and their Levels ( you are level 3). The Access Levels are: 1 is monitor only (data page viewing only) 2 is monitor and control (can transfer ATS loads) 3 is administrator (assigns users and able to change TWS configuration settings)


Type in the User name and the Password and click OK.

  • 7.

    Fill in the Company Information.

  • 8.

    Click the Protocol Configuration that you want to use for ASCO devices and for third party device interface. If COM4 is being used, check that box.

9. Click Save to retain all your settings !

After saving your settings, close Internet Explorer. Then turn off the Thin Web Server and disconnect the cross-over cable.

NOTE The next time you revisit this page you will have to use the latest IP Address of the system. Hence: http:// Latest-IP-Address /config.htm

The Thin Web Server must be previously configured using TSSP before you can use this proces

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