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Thin Web Server

Connectivity Module Configuration


Connectivity Module Configurator Program

This utility is used to create, manage, upload, and dowload configuration settings to ASCO Connectivity Modules (only part no. 629800-xxx) that the Thin Web Server will be communicating with over LAN.

How to Add Configuration Setting for a Connectivity Module (Accessory 72E)

  • 1.

    Launch the Thin Web Server setup program.

  • 2.

    Connect to the Thin Web Server by clicking Communication, then Connect to Server. The indicator (bottom right corner) will turn from red to green.

3. On menu bar click Utilities then 72E List Editor.


  • 4.

    The _72E Device List Editor screen displays.

  • 5.

    Click the Add Device button.

  • 6.

    Set the IP Address, the type of Controller, Power Manager,

and the address of the devices here. Note that there is only one item pertaining to the device address. This means that both devices must be set with the same address when connected to the Connectivity Module.

NOTE: Only for ATSs with Group 1 Controller (Series

    • 300)

      and Group 6A/7A Control Panels (ASCO 940, 962, 436, 434, 447, 448) can you specify their name and location from here. ATSs with Group 5 Controller (4000 Series, 7000 Series) are done either on their controller or at the Thin Web Server detail page.

  • 7.

    Click the Save record button to save your setting or Cancel if you want to discard the changes you made.

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Click the Save record button.

Click the Add Device button.

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