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Thin Web Server

Who Should Use this Installation Manual This installation manual for the Thin Web Server should be used to assist individuals who will:

  • install and connect the Thin Web Server

  • configure the Thin Web Server with the setup program


A working knowledge of Windows® 2000 or XP is necessary to use this software. Use of a mouse is assumed and that you are right handed. If you are left handed see personalizing Windows (switch mouse buttons) in Windows Help Index and switch the left and right mouse buttons.

  • Click means to press and release the left mouse button once when

the cursor is on the appropriate location on the screen.

  • Double click means to quickly press and release left mouse twice when the cursor is on the appropriate location on the screen.

  • Right Click means to press and release the right mouse once when the cursor is on the appropriate location on the screen.

Enter means to press the Enter key on the PC keyboard.

Important information that you will need

To properly set up the software, you will need the nameplate data and other information from all your Automatic Transfer Switches (up to 64) including:

  • ATS Name (your designation for the ATS)

  • ATS Address

(set in each Controller, Comm. Interface Module, or Acc. 72A)

  • Voltage Rating, Ampere Rating, and number of Poles for each ATS

  • Catalog No. and Serial No. of each ATS

  • Type of ATS (ATS or ATS/BP [ATS with bypass-isolation switch])

  • Power Manager Address (set in each Power Manager or Data Monitor)

Manuals that you may need

Catalog 214A700 & 214A701 Data Monitor Operator’s Manual Catalog 5200 & 5200T Power Manager Operator’s Manual Catalog 5220 & 5220T Power Manager Xp Operator’s Manual

7000 Series ATS Group 5 Controller Catalog 5110 Serial Module

User’s Guide Installation Manual

Series 300 ATS Communication Interface Module Instructions ASCO 940, 962, 436, 434,447, 448 ATS Acc. 72A Instructions

381333-143 381333-192 381333-199 381333-126 381333-240 381339-189 381339-172



Communication Address forms are included at the back to help you fill in needed information on your ATSs and Power Managers / Data Monitors.

User s Guide Refer to Power Monitoring & Control System User’s Guide 381333-276D for version 5.

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