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5. TWS booted but no client or browser can not connect to it.

6. TWS booted but found no serial ASCO devices.

Possible Problem TWS is not connected to LAN.

Devices were not properly connected to the TWS.

Possible Cause

  • LAN cable is damaged or not properly plugged into the TWS.

  • LAN cable is not connected to LAN1 port of the TWS.

  • No TCP/IP IP, subnet, gateway assigned to the TWS.

  • The hub’s uplink mode must be enabled at all times.

  • Device incorrect wiring.

  • 72As not functioning.

  • Break in the line somewhere in the daisy- chained connection.

  • Damaged TWS connectors.

  • Disabled COM4 communication.

  • Devices are not configured properly – protocol & baud rate.

  • Damaged TWS COM3 or COM4 RS485 ports.


  • Make sure the connection between the TWS and the LAN is done properly and secured.

  • Use LAN1 port of the TWS for LAN connection. LAN2 port must never be used.

  • If suspicious of the LAN cable RJ45, use a cross-over cable to connetct the TWS with the client station.

  • Make sure the TSSP was used to configure the TWS TCP/IP settings. After any configuration download by the TSSP, make sure to re-download the configuration from the TWS to make sure that the configuration data was uploaded properly to the TWS.

  • Make sure that both the subnet and gateway addresses of the TWS and the client stations are the same.

  • Check the connection of the daisy-chained network of device to the TWS. Serial daisy-chained network must be connected only to COM3 & activated COM4 of the TWS.

  • Check connection between 72As.

  • Check TTL connections of devices to the


  • Install a repeater for daisy-chain interconnect exceeding 4000 feet.

  • Install terminating resistor at the last 72A node of the daisy-chain network to avoid noise and signal loss.

  • Make sure to call for ASI for assistance when symptoms become apparent and conditions worsen.


  • Strictly follow the connection diagram discussed in this Installation Manual when connecting the TWS.

  • Make sure you have run the TSSP first to configure the TWS before attempting to connect to it through a client station.

  • If the TWS is installed in an existing LAN, make sure you only assigned IP, subnet, and gatewary addresses to the TWS given to you by the LAN administrator.

  • Make sure the client station is also connected to the TWS.

  • You can use the ping application which is a resident DOS utility in your client station to verify connection to the TWS.

  • Strictly follow the connection diagram discussed in this Installation Manual when connecting the TWS.

  • Make sure all the ASCO devices are configured properly.

  • Follow recommeded remedies to avoid noise and signal loss on networks exceeding required distance or installed in extreme environments.

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