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Thin Web Server


7. TWS booted but cannot communicate to any remote _72E.

8. TWS reports communication error.

9. TWS email date and time received are incorrect.

Possible Cause – Check first if any client station within the LAN can communicate with the TWS. User can try to ping the TWS from the client station. If you get no response, solve this address problem before proceeding. – If your client station is able to ping the TWS, then you might need to rerun your TSSP and try downloading from the 72E list records. Make sure there are uploaded 72E IP addresses to the TWS. – The 72Es that the TWS is attempting to talk to are not configured properly to the LAN and may be connected to a different LAN. – If the TWS and the 72Es are connected locally through a hub, make sure the hub is powered ON and can support 10/100 Mbps devices. Same as item 6


– Run your TSSP, and verify saved 72E record lists. Make sure the addresses you assigned in the list are addresses given to you by the LAN administrator. These addresses are the actual addresses used by the remote 72Es the TWS will be communicating to. – After every upload, make sure to download the configuration to make sure the data was uploaded properly to the TWS. – Make sure that after every download to reset the TWS for a fresh restart. – You can use a client station within the LAN to verify the presence of the TWS and the remote 72Es. You can do this by pinging each of them through the ping utility in DOS. Those that do not reply are the ones that cannot communicate within the LAN. – For 72Es not responding from your ping request from a client station, you can revisit their configuration and confirm their settings. – Make sure to call ASI for assistance when symptoms become apparent and conditions worsen. Same as item 6

– Forgot to setup the DST and system time. – Incorrect DST setting.

– Set the DST and system date and time accordingly.

Possible Problem TWS is not connected to LAN. 72Es are not connected to the LAN.

Devices were not properly connected to the TWS. System DST, date, and time are not properly setup.



  • Make sure the TWS and all the remote 72Es are configured properly. They should have TCP settings assigned by the LAN administrator.

  • Follow Installation Manual 381333- 238 to configure the Acc. 72Es.

  • Confirm every 72E record before uploading it to the TWS.

  • Use the correct TSSP version for the TWS. The TSSP and TWS firmware versions must be the same.

Same as item 6

  • The first time you configure the TWS, make sure to check and apply correct DST, sytem date, and time.

  • Make a monthly check for the system data and time through system configuration page to

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