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10. Email alarms were not sent out.

11. TWS reboots during runtime.

12. TSSP cannot connect to TWS.

Possible Problem No email was received by expecting recipients when alarm happens.

Intermittent system failure.

No connection between the computer and the TWS.

Possible Cause

  • No outgoing mail server address specified to the TWS.

  • No originating email address specified to the TWS.

  • Incorrect receiving email addresses specified to the TWS.

  • Data collisions in the network.

  • Unknown Internal DB engine problem.

  • Hard drive problem during file saving at runtime.

  • Maximum system utilization reached, and no more resources are available to use.

  • Internal thread problem.

  • Hackers.

  • Incorrect serial cable used.

  • TSSP was not configured to the right port being used.

  • Damaged comm. port.

  • Damaged serial cable used.


  • Specify an outgoing mail server address given to you by the LAN administrator.

  • Assign an originating email address to the TWS. This item is found in the Company info section of the TSSP.

  • Make sure all the receiving email addresses are correct and valid.

  • System will always try to revive itself when there are unknown internal problems or restrictions not allowing it to continue its normal operation. This is to ensure that the TWS will always be available and running.

  • Contact ASI for assistance if the TWS keeps resetting for no apparent reason and cannot resume to normal operation.

  • Make sure to notify your LAN administrator if sympton persists.

  • Check serial connection of the client station running the TSSP and the TWS.

  • Make sure you are connected to COM1 of the TWS.

  • Check if you are using the right cable. You must use the serial cable that came with the product.

  • Configure the TSSP properly, assigning only the appropriate port and baud rate settings.

  • Use another available port.

  • Use another spare serial cable.

monitor CMOS battery level.


  • Make sure to coordinate and only use data disclosed to you by the LAN administrator.

  • Review all information first in the TSSP before saving and uploading to the TWS.

  • Give access only to known personnel.

  • Make sure that the TWS has a unique IP address in the LAN.

  • Check the content of the log directory to keep track of the history of the system from its last reboot.

  • Keep in touch with ASCO Power Technologies for new releases and service packs.

  • Follow this Installation Manual for how to install the TWS and use the TSSP.

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