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therefore thought the prosecution had a weak case and had wanted to go to trial for that reason.  

Defendant testified he bought a motorcycle in April 1980 and gave it to his nephew in August or September of that year.  He spray painted the gas tank blue.  His helmet was also blue, but he never painted it; it was blue when he bought it.  Sometime between June and August 1980, the helmet, with its smoky bubble shield, was stolen from behind defendant’s apartment building.  

Defendant did not remember having a .38-caliber cartridge casing in his car.  He did, however, have some such casings, as well as some .38-caliber target shooting rounds; he collected these at the firing range, kept them in a locking ammunition bag, and traded them back to the range for .22-caliber ammunition.  

Defendant acknowledged owning the small spiral-bound notebook; it was of a type he used in his home darkroom to record color formulas.  He never put any of the notebooks in his car, however, and he never wrote the telephone number of the Koll pharmacy in the notebook.  

On cross-examination, defendant was impeached with three felony convictions:  his 1984 conviction for the Koll pharmacy robbery, another robbery conviction in 1971, and an attempted second degree burglary conviction in 1975.  

Penalty Phase Evidence

The three felony convictions introduced to impeach defendant’s guilt phase testimony, as well as a felony assault conviction arising from the 1979 Koll robbery incident, were also introduced at the penalty phase.  In taking notice of the 1984 robbery conviction, the court also took notice that the personal firearm use allegation in that case was found not true.   

The underlying facts of the 1971 robbery conviction and the 1979 Koll-incident assault were proven.  In a 1970 robbery, defendant and another man held

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