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fleeing the scene, the killer was seen to hold one hand to the helmet as if to keep it on.  Shortly after the crime, a smoky bubble shield with defendant’s fingerprint on it was found in the street, along a route lying generally between the pharmacy and defendant’s apartment.  In addition to defendant’s fingerprint, the bubble shield was linked to defendant through evidence that he had painted his helmet blue and that paint found on the snaps of the shield was the same color as, and in some physical respects similar to, paint found on a metal post near where defendant had painted the helmet.

Although the .38-caliber revolver with which Koll was killed was not found, defendant possessed .38-caliber ammunition, suggesting he owned or had access to a handgun that could fire such ammunition.  Perhaps most damning, the telephone number of Koll’s pharmacy was written in defendant’s spiral-bound notebook.  Although defendant denied having written it, a prosecution handwriting expert found good indications he had, and the defense offered no other explanation for the number’s presence in the notebook.

Defendant notes that he and his attorney in the robbery case, Lara, testified that Koll’s identification of him as one of the robbers was vulnerable to challenge at trial; he argues the evidence of motive was therefore insufficient.  Nonetheless Koll did identify him at the preliminary examination and was the only witness to do so.  The jury could reasonably conclude that defendant did not want to take the risk that Koll’s identification would be credible to a jury.  Similarly, defendant emphasizes that his fingerprints were not found at the scene of the crime and that he offered an explanation for his fingerprint on the bubble shield.  But the jury was not obliged to believe that explanation and could reasonably have concluded that the bubble shield belonged to defendant.  Along the same lines, the evidence was in conflict as to whether defendant was present when prosecutor Haney told defense attorney Lara that Koll had been killed, giving Haney an opportunity to

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