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Later—after the Faretta motion was withdrawn—defendant said that, in addition, he “was under the impression that I was entitled to some type of legal status considering I was a sentenced prisoner . . . .”  The court observed that he was a state prisoner only as to his robbery conviction, since the murder conviction had been reversed and was to be retried.  This issue was not resolved; the discussion ended with defense counsel stating they would “file the appropriate motion at the appropriate time.”  It appears no motion for special legal status was filed.

Defendant claims the withdrawal of his Faretta motion was invalid because it was induced in part by counsel’s misrepresentation.  We disagree.  The record shows defendant twice stated he wished to withdraw his motion before counsel indicated they would file a motion regarding prisoner status.  Defendant in no way indicated that he intended to condition the withdrawal on obtaining such status, and the record does not reflect any attempt to renew his Faretta motion when counsel failed to file a motion.  Defendant may have been satisfied with the order allowing him access to research materials, or he may have become convinced that he was not entitled to state prisoner status because his conviction had been reversed.  There is thus no indication in the record that the possibility of such status induced defendant to withdraw his request for self-representation.

III.  Denial of Defense Continuance Requests

Defendant contends the trial court’s denial of defense requests for continuances prior to and during trial deprived him of the effective assistance of counsel (in violation of the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution), a fair and reliable penalty verdict (Eighth Amendment), and a fair trial (Fourteenth Amendment).  We disagree.  Continuances in criminal cases may only be granted for good cause.  (§ 1050, subd. (e).)  While a trial court may not exercise its

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