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to Judge Tso and to the Honorable Judith Chirlin, also of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, the trial judge in People v. Louis, complaining that because of “competing orders” in the two cases he was being forced to try to prepare both at once.  On March 21, Maple filed a continuance motion, asserting that more time was needed because the prosecution apparently had some photographs, taken in connection with the paint analysis, that had not been provided to the defense, and because the defense wished to conduct its own analysis of the paint samples.  

On March 23, 1990, the court observed that Judge Chirlin had continued her capital case, so Miller was available to try the Snow case.  The court also ordered the prosecution to give defense counsel access to any “lab photos and results.”

On March 27, 1990, the date set for trial, Miller announced “not ready.”  He declined the court’s invitation to elaborate on his claim that he needed more time for preparation.  The court denied Miller’s motion, ruling that the “blanket statements” in Miller’s written motion as to the need for further preparation time were inadequate to justify a further continuance.  After eliciting the prosecutor’s assurance that all paint photographs in his possession had been given to the defense and that the defense could contact the prosecution expert to determine if there were more photographs, the court also denied Maple’s motion; the court observed that the defense could continue its investigation of the paint samples, as to which the court would appoint an expert if the defense desired, and that if necessary a short continuance in connection with the expert analysis would be considered.  

We conclude the denial of continuance motions on March 27, 1990, was not an abuse of the court’s discretion, good cause for the requested continuance not having been shown (§ 1050, subd. (e)), nor did it deprive counsel of a reasonable opportunity to prepare the defense.  On that date the case had been

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