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was about five feet eight inches tall, and the skin of his wrist, which one witness saw, was dark.  The man crossed Mentor and turned the corner onto Walnut.  A few minutes later, these witnesses saw the same man running in the opposite direction, holding his hand to the helmet as if to keep it from falling off.  

In the same building as the pharmacy were a dentist’s office and, directly across the hall from the pharmacy, a hearing aid center.  Between 12:15 and 12:30 p.m. on the day of the killing, the dentist, Loran Kitch, and his secretarybookkeeper, Donne Rogers, returned from lunch.  They stopped briefly to speak to Koll, then went into the hearing aid center to talk to Carmen Saad, who worked there.  As they stood talking, Rogers saw a man of medium height, wearing a denim jacket and pants, gloves, and motorcycle helmet she described as green or bluish-green walk from the elevator area into the pharmacy.  Immediately thereafter she heard gunshots.  The shots were in two groups of two or three, with a pause in between.  The witnesses took cover, but Saad, looking into the pharmacy, was able to see the gunman’s extended arm and the gun; the man’s wrist had “dark skin but not real black.”  Kitch, while getting a phone with which to call the police, glanced at the pharmacy and saw an arm extended over the pharmacy counter.  After a few minutes, Kitch and Saad ventured into the pharmacy.  Koll was lying on the floor behind the counter, his legs tangled in a stool.  Kitch could find neither a pulse nor respiration.  He called the police again.

The Crime Scene

The police dispatcher reported shots fired at the pharmacy between 12:30 and 12:40 p.m.  At the pharmacy, responding officers found Koll lying on the floor behind the counter, dead of multiple gunshot wounds.  There were bullet holes in the plywood door separating the customer area from Koll’s work area, and splintered wood on Koll’s shirt.  Koll held a prescription bottle in his hand, and

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