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testified was similar to the color of the helmet defendant was wearing when arrested in May 1980.  Stephan Schliebe, a criminalist, compared the blue paint specks found on the bubble shield snaps with the blue paint on the metal post from defendant’s apartment building.  From microscopic examination and spectroscopic testing, Schliebe concluded the two paints had similar physical and chemical properties and could have come from the same source.

The Spiral-bound Notebook

Pursuant to a warrant, police searched defendant’s Buick Riviera automobile.  In the visor above the front passenger seat, they found a small spiralbound notebook.  On one page was written the telephone number of Koll’s pharmacy.  On another page was written the name and address of a store run by defendant’s stepmother, Jacquelyn Snow, who testified she had given defendant that information the Sunday before November 3, 1980, and had urged him to come see her new store.  Although at trial Mrs. Snow could not remember whether she had written the information for defendant or given it to him orally, she told an investigator prior to trial that she saw defendant as he drove by her church, told him about the new store, and saw him write the name and address in a small notebook.  

A document examiner compared the telephone number and store address with an exemplar of defendant’s writing, finding “very good indications” that defendant had written the telephone number and store address.  Downs, the fingerprint technician, recovered latent prints from the inside of the front and back covers of the notebook, which matched defendant’s exemplar fingerprints.  

Travel Time Between Locations

Police Investigator Harris testified to distances and travel times between various points in Pasadena.  From the courtroom where the robbery trial took place

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