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Jim Iverson is a senior applications engi- neer for Cummins Power Generation, with an M.S. in Engineering Science, and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. Since 1976, he has managed Transfer Switch Design, Systems Engineering, Switchgear &

located inside buildings should have a dedicated room with sufficient airflow for cooling and sufficient space for proper maintenance activities. Large standby power systems may also have their own separate building; or they may be located outdoors in weather-tight and sound-attenuated enclosures or ISO style containers. In any of these locations, total system capacity may be limited by space considerations. In general, power generation systems utilizing digital master controls have the smallest footprint in relation to power output.

Managing on-site powe use

Increasingly, large businesses are opting for on-site power systems which, in addition to serving as standby power, also serve to control overall energy costs. These power systems are set up to run in parallel with the local utility in order to take advantage of utility incentive pro- grams. Utility “interruptible” programs give businesses a credit on their electric bill for allowing the utility to determine when the standby power system should be operated to provide all or part of the business’ load. In this way, the utility benefits from being able to shed part of its load during times of peak demand and reduce strain on its generation and transmission system. In turn, the business benefits from lower electric rates.

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Controls, and Technical Marketing & Sales. Jim provides technical direction to Commercial Marketing & Sales, contributes to domestic industry codes and standards development, offers sales and service training, offers technical input for published literature and software, publishes technical papers on industry topics, and pro- vides application engineering support to customers.

Many of these foregoing factors can be determined long before a business owner sits down with a consulting engineer, electrical contractor or genera- tor manufacturer to discuss detailed planning for a standby power system. Before the discussion turns to technical matters and “how much hardware,” this business-model thinking will have helped you consider the economic risk associated with a utility outage, and your desired level of response to that risk.

For additional technical support, please contact your local Cummins Power Generation distributor. To locate your distributor, visit www.cumminspower.com.

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