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3. Anomaly indicators for transactions in financial instruments and for insurance policies

3.1 Trading in financial instruments where the transactions are not channeled through the customer’s current account:

financial instruments presented for redemption in cash or for the purchase of other financial instruments, without the use of the customer’s current account;

frequent purchases, for amounts that are large or unjustifiably split up, of financial instruments paid for in cash;

partial or total disposal of financial instruments with the transfer of amounts to financial centres different from those specified in the contract or in favour of persons other than those in whose names the instruments were registered or to persons in whose names they had been jointly registered only in the last few months of the investment contract.

3.2 Trading in financial instruments not widely distributed among the public that is repeated at short intervals and/or involves large amounts, especially if with counterparties located in non-EU or non-OECD countries.

3.3 Recourse to joint registration techniques for contracts involving financial instruments or insurance policies or changes in the names of the persons they are registered in for no apparent reason:

request for the splitting up of the investment into several transactions of the same kind registered jointly with different people that is not justified on grounds of risk spreading or portfolio diversification;

recurrence of a particular name in which a number of contracts involving financial instruments or insurance policies are jointly registered together with different people’s names;

unusually frequent changes in the names in which contracts involving financial instruments or insurance policies are registered or changes at the time the investment is liquidated;

change in the name of the insured and/or the beneficiary of insurance policies in favour of third parties not belonging to the family of the insured or not linked to it in a way that would justify the change;

4. Anomaly indicators for life insurance policies and capitalization schemes

4.1 Taking out of several insurance policies with payment of the premiums using checks with multiple endorsements.

4.2 Taking out of several life insurance policies with the bearer the beneficiary.

4.3 Specification of several beneficiaries for life insurance policies so that the amount to be liquidated is divided into tranches in a manner that is not justified by the relationships between the customer and the beneficiaries.

4.4 Liquidation in a short span of time of benefits to the same person of a series of policies taken out by different customers.

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