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6.3 Customers who avoid direct contacts with the intermediary’s employees or collaborators giving frequent mandates or proxies in a manner that appears unjustified.

6.4 Customers who present paper-based securities or certificates for large amounts, especially if made out to the bearer, or, following purchases, ask for delivery of the paper-based instruments.

6.5 Clients who, without plausible justification, use an intermediary or an intermediary’s collaborator located far from their place of residence or activity, especially if they ask for correspondence to be sent to the intermediary’s or collaborator’s address:

clients who, in order to make payments in connection with contracts involving financial instruments or insurance policies, use operating units located far from their place of residence or activity or frequently change the operating unit they use.

6.6 Clients who carry out large transactions using cash or bearer instruments when they are known to have recently been investigated in connection with penal proceedings or the application of preventive measures.

6.7 Customers in economic difficulties who carry out large transactions without providing a plausible explanation of the source of the funds:

customers who unexpectedly extinguish all or part of their debts;

customers who ask to take out insurance policies that involve the payment of large premiums;

customers who buy financial instruments for large amounts.

6.8 Customers who ask to carry out transactions in unusual ways, especially if highly complex or for large amounts:

customers who ask for amounts the intermediary has placed in suspense accounts not to be registered on their accounts.

6.9 Customers or guarantors of customers who frequently, and without providing plausible reasons, ask for the return of the collateral against the deposit of the amount needed for the purchase of other financial instruments.

6.10 Customers who open or have accounts with intermediaries with an illogical configuration:

the opening of numerous accounts with the same intermediary for no apparent reason;

establishment of business relationships with numerous intermediaries in the same area for no apparent reason.

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