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would be considered authoritative, which is the most appropriate and effective type of classroom environment.  This management technique involves a balanced relationship with the students.  The teacher is in charge, but the students are respected and allowed regular opportunities to make choices and feel as though they are important to the community (Kohn, 2006).  This would be especially beneficial to underprivileged, under-achieving students.  It is likely that these children have very little support at home, and this community-type classroom would be an introduction to life in society.  They will learn social skills that are crucial to us as citizens, employees, employers, and even as friends.  If children in poverty gain these skills in the classroom, they will develop a sense of success and belonging that will lead to increased motivation and success in academics.

Considering developmentally appropriate practice is also a key part of this type of classroom due to the fact that the teacher is taking students’ personal backgrounds and abilities into consideration.  Developmentally appropriate practice involves engaging students in the lesson and provoking thought processes.  These aspects are crucial and directly related to understanding child development, learning processes, and cultural and social influences on learning.  If a student is challenged within the learning environment and required to think, then he or she will become more engaged and less disruptive.  This challenge and engagement will then lead to a more successful educational experience, which should lead to increased motivation.  It is an endless cycle if it is addressed in the appropriate manner and can lead to increased academic success.  Each and every student should be taught according to what is appropriate for him or her, and this appropriateness can be used to guide the curriculum along with the hidden

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