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Bryant and Maxwell (1999) said that the combination of heredity and environment forms the intellect and the personality of a person.  This idea presents a wide array of possibilities for children.  For example, a child could be born with an inherited low IQ, be taught by ineffective parents and teachers, and continue to display low IQ and academic achievement.  On the other hand, it is possible for a child to be born with an inherited low IQ, have ineffective parents, and yet have increased academic achievement due to effective teachers and education programs.

The latter is the basis of George W. Bush’s intentions with “No Child Left Behind,” hence the name.  He sent this policy to Congress in an effort to ensure an effective, quality education for all students.  He insists that each and every child have highly qualified teachers and read at grade level, regardless of obstacles.  He also wants the math scores of all students to be at proficient (grade) level and to hold schools accountable for all of these outcomes (Harrington & Holub, 2006).  What more could our nation’s parents and educators ask for in a national education plan?  We all want our children to have effective teachers.  We all want someone to be held accountable for our children’s learning. We all want our children to be successful, and it would be difficult to find a parent who would say otherwise.

As does every other parent in the country, President Bush looks at the future of our country and sees it in the hands of our children.  Our nation’s tomorrow depends on the education of our students today.  Especially in today’s technological age, we need to prepare students to be proficient readers and mathematicians.  One can look at the rapid

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