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3. Trend and emerging issues Progress in voluntary efforts in VOC emissions reduction is crucial in FY 2005. To realize this, discussions have been made on the direction of voluntary efforts. Appropriate scheme for the implementation of voluntary efforts should be discussed and developed by each sector including business entities, enterprises and business unions. Also, information disclosure/examination scheme as well as comprehension and assessment by government and agencies are considered to be needed. Future issue to be addressed includes establishment of measures on small and medium business entities.

4. Constraints and challenges None

? Measures to Reduce Emissions from Vehicles (Measures for Motor Vehicle Structure)

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    Specific action and the process of the implementation The government of Japan (GoJ) has been imposing stringent regulations including that was enforced during 1960s on carbon monoxide (CO) of gasoline vehicles. Recently, GoJ shall take more stringent measures in order to further improve atmospheric environment giving due consideration in severe atmospheric environment. GoJ launched the world most stringent measures to reduce emissions from diesel motor vehicles starting in October 2005. Also, the Future Policy for Motor Vehicle Emission Reduction (Eighth Report) was submitted by the Central Environment Council, the consultative body of the GoJ. Based on this report, GoJ (Ministry of the Environment and MoE) will enhance the regulation on diesel vehicles by setting in 2009 the target to the same level as that of gasoline motor vehicles.

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    Lessons learned and good practice

GoJ has been working on the measures to improve atmospheric environment with a target to meet. However, atmospheric environment is still in a serious condition in areas including big cities due to the increase in automobile ownership and so on. Since further promotion of measures on motor vehicle emissions such as nitrogen dioxide and suspended particulate matter (SPM) is necessary, important emission targets have been enhanced. In addition, GoJ has been promoting a shift of owned cars to those complying with new regulation in urban areas as well as dissemination of LEVs.

3. Trend and emerging issues Based on the report, enhanced regulations are to be implemented for new long-term. Coordination among international community is needed in studying measures on nano- level particles which are not covered by existing regulations. Also international criteria for measuring method of motor vehicle emissions should be coordinated.

4. Constraints and challenges Reduction of sulfur in diesel fuel is crucial in promoting technological development of exhaust after-treatment devices (catalyst systems or diesel particulate filter). To this end, enhancement of regulations on fuel (sulfur content in diesel fuel to be reduced below 10ppm) will be started in FY 2007. Distribution of the regulated diesel fuel has started in FY 2005 through voluntary efforts by oil industry.


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