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? Non-road Special Motor Vehicle Exhausts Regulation


Specific action and the process of the implementation Regulations on special motor vehicles which drive on public road have been

implemented since FY 2003.

Also, the Non-road Special Motor Vehicles

Regulation Law was promulgated in May 2005 to be enforced in FY stipulates the regulations on non-road special motor vehicles exhausts.


Exhausts This law

2. Lessons learned and good practice GoJ has been working on measures to improve atmospheric environment, setting up a target to basically accomplish environment quality standards for air management by FY 2010. Among others, further promotion of measures on motor vehicle emission such as nitrogen dioxide and suspended particulate matter (SPM), and measures for motor vehicle structure have been enhanced. In addition, GoJ has been promoting in urban areas the replacement of cars in use with those complying with new regulation as well as promotion of LEVs.

3. Trend and emerging issues In June 2003, the Central Environment Council, the consultative body of MoE, submitted the Future Policy for Motor Vehicle Exhaust Emission Reduction (sixth report). Based on the report, emission standards will be set up. Examination is needed on the issue whether the vehicle that is not subject of the regulation should be covered by the regulation.

4. Constraints and challenge Since no-road special motor vehicles high-mix low-volume production, it is crucial not to impose excessive obligation to the manufacturers and users.

? Promotion of Low Emission Vehicles (LEVs)

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    Specific action and the process of the implementation In July 2001, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation jointly established “Action Plan for LEVs Development and Promotion”. The plan stipulates the target of popularizing 10 million units or more of LEVs in practical use in the earliest stage possible before FY 2010. In line with this plan, GoJ has been promoting measures including ministries and agencies taking initiative in the introduction of LEVs, promotion of full-scale support for private sector for purchasing LEVs, subsidies, preferential tax treatment and low interest financing by government financial institutions.

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    Lessons learned and good practice

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      Shift official vehicles into LEVs

The Prime Minister has directed that the entire fleet of government-owned official vehicles should be replaced with LEVs within a targeted time frame of three years, beginning in FY2002. Concerning the official vehicles for state ministers and other senior government officials, replacement of official vehicles with LEVs was completed by FY2004 (4,236 vehicles).


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