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it maintains will lead to greater oversight and increased transparency and accountability among U.N. entities:



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availability of internal U.N. audits and other reports to U.N. member states; public access to all relevant documentation related to operations and activities, including budget information and procurement activities; whistleblower protection policies; financial disclosure policies; an effective Ethics Office; independence of the respective internal oversight bodies; adoption of international accounting standards; and establishment of a cap on administrative overhead costs.

The Administration received initial responses from UNDP, the U.N. Children’s Fund (UNICEF), and the U.N. Population Fund (UNFPA). The responses, which are part of an ongoing dialogue among the U.S. Mission and these U.N. entities, discuss steps that the organizations are taking to address the issues raised by the United States.65 According to the Administration, the United States will continue to track the status of reform efforts by these organizations and other U.N. funds and programs.

Peacebuilding Commission

The Administration supported the creation of a U.N. Peacebuilding Commission, which was established by concurrent General Assembly and Security Council resolutions on December 20, 2005.66 The Commission’s mandate is to advise and propose “integrated strategies for post-conflict recovery, focusing attention on reconstruction, institution-building and sustainable development, in countries emerging from conflict.”67 Many consider the Commission to be a key component of broader U.N. reform efforts, though U.S. officials have stated that it is not as significant a priority for the United States as management and budget reform.68 The Commission operates under the authority of the Security Council and has a 31-member organizational committee.69

65 Copies of the correspondences between the U.S. Mission and U.N. funds and programs are available at [http://www.usunnewyork.usmission.gov/Issues/reform_untai_let.php].


U.N. documents, A/RES/60/180 and S/RES/1645(2005), December 20, 2005.

67 Further information on the Peacebuilding Commission is available at [http://www.un.org/ peace/peacebuilding/].

68 “Remarks by Ambassador John Bolton on the Peacebuilding Commission, at the Security Council Stakeout,” U.S. Mission to the United Nations press release, December 20, 2005, available at [http://www.un.int/usa/05_266.htm].

69 The United States is currently a member of the organizational committee. For a list of members, see [http://www.un.org/peace/peacebuilding/mem-orgcomembers.shtml].

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