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Appendix B. Key U.N. Reform Recommendations and Proposals by Independent and U.N. Affiliated Groups

Establish the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO);

Creation of a cabinet-style decision-making mechanism;

Create the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO);

Establish policies for improved financial disclosure standards, whistle-blower protection; and

Authority/resources for Secretary-General to realign and/or buy-out Secretariat staff; and full review of budget and human resources operations; and

Expand financial disclosure requirements for U.N. staff, including the Secretary- General, Deputy-Secretary- General, and those involved in procurement and/or disbursement;

Review of all U.N. mandates and sunset clauses for new mandates.

Review of all U.N. mandates five years or older.

Improve coordination and framework for cross-agency U.N. programs; and

Reorganization of the General Assembly;

Streamlining the General Assembly to speed-up decision-making processes;

Ensure third party agencies involved in U.N. programs are entitled to fair compensation.

Replace the Commission on Human Rights with a new Human Rights Council;

Replace the discredited Commission on Human Rights with a new Human Rights Council;

Report of the Task Force on the United Nations (June 2004, December 2005)

In Larger Freedom: Towards Development, Security and Human Rights for All (March 2005)

Report of the Independent Inquiry Committee into the United Nations Oil-for-Food Program (October 2005)

Improved management reform, including:

Secretariat reform, including

Strengthen U.N. management practices, including:

Establish an Independent Oversight Board to function as an independent audit committee;

Review of the Office of Internal Oversight Services and general strengthening of internal oversight;

Establish an Independent Oversight Board with responsibility over internal and external audits and investigations;

Identification of U.N. programs that could be more effective if funded by voluntary contributions; and

Modify composition of the Security Council to reflect current political realities; and

Improving the Department of Peacekeeping Operations so that it becomes “a more independent program” with its own rules and regulations to address its unique mission.

Reform ECOSOC so it may better coordinate the U.N. development agenda and guide other economic and social agencies in the United Nations.

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