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Career Exploration

Enroll in Psychology 5 for career testing if you are unsure of what career path to follow. In this class, a typical exercise might ask you to consider your “personality type” and see what careers interest others with similar traits.

Realistic Do you have mechanical, technical or athletic ability? Do you prefer to work on your own with machines, tools, or objects? Are you self-reliant and practical? You might enjoy a career in:

Air Conditioning Appliance Service Automotive Repair Computer Technology Construction Electronic Technology Fire Technology Medical Lab Technology Surveying Welding

Artistic Are you an “idea creator?” Do you have artistic or innovative abilities? Do you like to work in unstructured situations and use your imagination and creativity? Are you original, expressive, idealistic, intuitive? You might enjoy a career in:

Architecture Art Creative Writing Fashion Design Graphic Design Interior Design Journalism Landscape Design Music Photography/Film Television Technical Illustration

Real Estate



Public Health

Social Work


Speech Therapy

Are you an “abstract


Enterprising Are you a “people influencer?” Do you like to work with people and to influence, persuade, lead or manage them? Are you persuasive, energetic and ambitious? You might enjoy a career in:

Social Are you a “people helper?” Do you like to work with people to inform, educate, help, train or cure them? Are you cooperative, understanding, helpful and sociable? You might enjoy a career in:

Advertising Business Administration Economics Health Care Management Law Marketing Political Science Public Relations

Counseling Criminal Justice Dental Hygiene Liberal Studies Nursing Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy

problem solver” who likes to work on your own? Do you like to observe, learn, investigate, analyze, evaluate or solve problems, often in a scientific area? Are you analytical, independent, curious, intellectual and precise? You might enjoy a career in:

Agriculture Biology Computer Programming Engineering Environmental Studies Math or Statistics Research Medicine Physical Science Social Science

Conventional Are you good with data and details? Do you like to work with information or numbers? Are you skilled in carrying things out in detail and following through on other’s instructions? Are you especially conscientious and efficient? You might enjoy a career in:

Accounting Banking Court Reporting Information Processing Insurance Medical Records Paralegal Secretarial


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