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Admissions and Registration

Admissions and Records A&R is responsible for admission and registration of BCC students. You may also add and drop classes, petition for credit/no credit grading, request verification of enrollment and request transcripts from A&R.

Eligibility for Admission The following persons are eligible to enroll in Barstow College:

  • 1)

    Any high school graduate, OR

  • 2)

    Any person who has passed the High School Proficiency Exam or the General Educational Development (GED) test, OR

  • 3)

    Any person 18 years of age or older who can profit from instruction, OR

  • 4)

    Any K-12 student meeting the criteria listed under "Special Admission of Minor Students."

Application for Admission Admission to Barstow College includes the filing of an application for admission by the student and the filing of transcripts from high school or col- lege(s) attended. The application for admission may be obtained from the Admissions and Records Office or downloaded from our website at www.barstow.edu. The application can be mailed, returned in person or faxed to (760) 252-6754.

First-time (new) college students are required to complete an admissions process, consisting of an application for admission, orientation, assessment and counseling (see Matriculation on pages 11- 12).

Students transferring from another college are required to complete an application for admission and a residency statement.

Student Classifications

Part-time: Full-time: Freshman

A student taking fewer than 12 units A student taking 12 or more units : A student who has completed fewer

Students returning to Barstow College after a break of one or more semesters and continuing students may be required to complete either an application for admission or a personal informa- tion update, if appropriate.

than 30 units Sophomore: A student who has completed 30 or


more units A student who has been awarded the

AA or AS, or a higher degree by a rec- ognized collegiate institution

Guidelines for How Many Units to Take

If you have a job and work, 40 hours a week 30 hours

consider taking no more than....

= 6 units

20 hours a week = 12 units

a week = 9 units

5-15 hours a week = 14-16 units

Number of Athletics Eligibility EOPS Full-Time Status Units Required for Various College Programs 12 units per semester 12 units per semester At least 12 units per semester 18 units per semester, 6 units during the summer Maximum semester units without counselor approval Pell Grant Eligibility 12 units per semester for full grant 6 units per semester for 50% grant Minimum 6 units per semester 12 units per semester, 100% benefits 9 units per semester, 75% benefits 6 units per semester, 50% benefits Student employment on campus Veterans's Educational Benefits


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