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Minor Students (BP 5010) Barstow College provides education enrichment opportunities for a limited number of eligible minor students who have not graduated from high school and who would benefit from advanced scholastic or vocational work. Students in grades K-12 may concurrently enroll at Barstow College to supplement their elementary or secondary school education. The special-part time student enrolled in stipulated college courses may receive high school and college credit.

High school sophomores, juniors and seniors at least 16 years of age may concurrently enroll in up to six units at Barstow College by meeting the fol- lowing criteria:

  • Complete a College application for admission

  • Complete a concurrent enrollment form

  • Signed parental or guardian consent

  • Signed consent from school principal or designee

  • Written approval from a Barstow College coun- selor

  • Submit paperwork to the Admissions and Records Office

  • Show proof of prerequisites completion

  • Register for classes

In addition to meeting the above criteria, students who are younger than 16 years of age or have not completed the ninth grade, or who want to enroll in more than 6 units, must obtain the approval of the Vice President of Student Services.

With prior approval from the high school, stu- dents may elect to have Barstow College units transferred to their high school to satisfy some of their high school diploma credits.

International Students Barstow College welcomes international students. Procedures for application and admission are list- ed in the international student application packet. Contact Mary Marble in the Admissions & Records Office or call 252-2411 x7295 for more information.

Student Identification Cards Students are entitled to receive a free photo iden- tification card. The I.D. card can be obtained dur- ing the walk-in registration period or from the Student Life Office during the semester. It is

imperative that all students be in possession of their student I.D. card at all times while on the Barstow College campus. This card is required to access services in the Library, Fitness Lab and Computer Labs.

If a student has special circumstances and cannot obtain the I.D. card during regular working hours, special arrangements can be made by calling (760) 252-2411 ext. 7374.

Residency All students not meeting the requirements below will be classified as "nonresidents" and are subject to nonresident tuition and enrollment fees.

Students shall receive resident student classifica- tion if they qualify under one of the following con- ditions and can provide supporting documenta- tion:

  • The student (age 18) and the student's parent or legal guardian have resided in California for at least one year and one day prior to the beginning of the semester.

  • The student (age 19 or older) has resided in California for at least one year and one day prior to the beginning of the semester.

  • The student is under 18 years of age and his/her parent or legal guardian has resided in California for at least one year and one day prior to the beginning of the semester.

Active duty military personnel and their depend- ents are granted residency for tuition purposes. These students must prove date of entry into California, and that such assignment is for other than educational purposes.

In addition, if the student is not a United States citizen, or permanent resident, or on a visa that allows the student to establish California residen- cy, then the student must provide verification that he/she has applied for residency with the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) at least one year and one day prior to the beginning of the semester.

For more information on establishing or proving residency, see the brochure on "Establishing California Residency," which is available from the Admissions & Records Office.


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