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Change in Residency Status Students who have been out-of-state residents must submit a new residency statement in order to change their status. Residency documents should be submitted to the Admissions and Records Office the semester prior to change of status. Out-of-state residency will not be changed automatically. State law requires consideration of financial independence for students seeking reclassification.

Residence Classification Appeal Any student, following a final decision on residen- cy classification by the Admissions and Records Office, may make written appeal to the Vice President of Student Services within 30 days of notification of the final residency decision.

Registration Registration is the process of becoming officially enrolled in college. A student has not completed registration until all fees are paid. Students may register, add and/or drop courses utilizing any of the following methods:

  • Telephone: (760) 252-6868

  • Mail: Admissions and Records Office, Barstow College, 2700 Barstow Road, Barstow, CA 92311

  • Fax: (760) 252-6754 or (760) 252-1875

  • Internet: http://ias.barstow.cc.ca.us

  • In Person

Throughout the registration process, certain deadlines must be established. These deadlines are necessary in order to comply with state atten- dance laws and must be adhered to by all stu- dents. Failure to comply with these deadlines may mean that the student will not be registered and will not receive credit or be allowed to attend classes.

Late Registration During the first week of instruction in any class, the student may enroll or add into any class that is not closed. Beginning the second week of instruction, students must have permission from the instructor. A Vice President’s signature is required to add a course after published dead- lines. Short-term classes are the exceptions to this policy. See the current Schedule of Classes for specific registration dates.


Adding and/or dropping from one segment to another, or an open entry/open exit class, is not considered late registration.

Adding Classes After a student has completed registration, the student must complete an Add/Drop Form in order to add a class. It is the student's responsi- bility to submit the form to the Admissions and Records Office on or before the established enroll- ment deadline. Failure to do so may result in not being officially added to the class. Classes can also be added by phone or the Internet.

Dropping Classes It is the student's responsibility to participate fully in class(es) once enrollment is complete. However, should it become necessary to withdraw from a class, it is the student's responsibility to submit an Add/Drop form to the Admission and Records Office. Classes can also be dropped by phone or via the Internet. Failure to officially withdraw from a class may result in a failing grade.

Students may drop classes and still receive a W grade through 75% of the term, or by the Friday of the 14th week for 18-week courses. For other than regular 18-week courses, the drop must occur before 75% of the total days the course meets have elapsed. Full-term classes dropped before the end of the second week will not be reflected on the student's transcript.

W's are considered honorable withdrawals and shall not be used in calculating grade point aver- ages. However, excessive W's shall be used as fac- tors in determining probation and dismissal sta- tus.

Important Note about

Adding/Dropping Classes Please see a counselor before adding or dropping a course, especially if your eligibility in special programs may be adversely affected (e.g., Veterans, Financial Aid, EOPS, DSPS and Intercollegiate Athletics). Students on academic probation or high school students concurrently enrolled at the college may also be affected by program changes. Likewise, students who are planning to transfer may want to determine the effects of dropping a course on their transfer sta- tus.

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