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Repeating Courses (BP 4225) Any course in which a student receives a D, F or NC may be repeated once. Upon repetition, if a higher grade is earned, only the higher grade shall be used in computing the grade point average, although the original entry will always remain on the student's permanent record. No other repeti- tion of courses is allowed unless stated in the Catalog or without the written permission of the Vice President of Student Services.

Attendance You are expected to attend all sessions of each class in which you are enrolled. A student who does not attend the first class meeting may be dropped as a "no show" unless prior arrange- ments have been made with the instructor.

It is best to keep your instructors informed of any need for absence, but there is no such thing as an "excused absence" in college. Anticipated absences should be reported to instructors in advance in order to complete assigned work by due dates. All other absences should be reported to instructors immediately upon returning to class. Messages may be left for instructors by voice mail or in their mailboxes (located in the Administration Bldg.).

If You Are Late It is extremely important that you attend classes on time so that you do not interrupt class. Check the course syllabus for each instructor's policy.

If The Instructor Is Late If there isn't a notice on the classroom door, and if no administrative representative appears to advise you of changed location or otherwise, it is generally required for you to wait 10 to 15 min- utes. If no one shows at that point, contact the Instruction Office in the Administration Building.

Instructors' Office Hours Full-time instructors' office hours are posted on the doors to their offices. Instructor schedules, including office hours, are also available in the Instruction Office and at the Switchboard in the Administration Building.

Grading System (BP 4230) Students can access their grades by phone at 252- 6868 or via the Internet at http:\\ias.barstow.cc.ca.us approximately 2 weeks after final exams. If needed, official transcripts can be requested from Admissions & Records and unofficial transcripts can be obtained from either Admissions & Records or a counselor.








Excellent Good Satisfactory Passing, less than satisfactory Failing Credit Equivalent to grade of ‘C’ or better Units not counted in GPA No Credit Equivalent to ‘D’ or ‘F’ Units not counted in GPA Incomplete In Progress Failure to Withdrawal Military Withdrawal Withdrawal Report Delayed Grade delayed at grade processing

Grade Points 4 3 2 1

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Credit/No Credit (CR/NC): Petitions to be grad- ed on a CR/NC basis must be completed and turned in to Admissions and Records by the end of the third week of semester-length classes or 17% of the term for short-term classes. CR is equivalent to a grade of ‘C’ or better.

CR grades earned may not be converted to a letter grade. Students electing CR/NC grading must meet all course requirements including papers and examinations. Units earned on a CR basis satisfy College requirements for graduation and certificates and are disregarded in computing grade point average (GPA). No more than 50% of all transcripted classes may be graded as CR/NC. Students planning transfer to a four-year institu- tion are urged to check with a counselor to be cer- tain such CR units are acceptable for transfer. Incomplete (IF): Grades of Incomplete may


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