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Rights & Responsibilities

Congratulations! you have just begun the matriculation process at Barstow College. Whatever your goal, our matriculation plan is designed to help you get there.

What is Matriculation? Matriculation is a statewide process designed to help students in the California Community College system develop clear educational goals and succeed in reaching those goals. As a student at BCC, you will be provided with information and assistance aimed at helping you succeed.

What are You Required to Do?



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Complete the assessment placement test. This is not a pass/fail instrument but a means to place you in appropriate courses. Submit an application for admission and all registration forms. Declare and work toward a major and a goal. See a counselor for guidance and course selec- tion. Participate in a college orientation. This can consist of a general orientation given to all entering students following the assessment process. Provide an official copy of high school tran- script(s) no later than the end of the first term of enrollment. However, a transcript may be required before enrollment to meet a prerequi- site. Enrollment for the next term will be blocked if this transcript is not submitted. Diligently attend class, complete assigned course work, complete courses and maintain progress toward an educational goal.

What is the College

Required to Do?



Gather information to facilitate student suc- cess and compile information in order to eval- uate college programs. This may include, but is not limited to, information regarding the stu- dent's study skills, English language proficien- cy, computational skills, learning skills and aptitudes, educational goals, career aspira- tions, academic performance and need for spe- cial services. Obtain and report student information to assist the student, the College and the State of California in fulfilling the purpose, goals and

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accountability expectations of student enroll- ment. Process and file your admissions application. Counsel you on course placement. Evaluate your progress. Advise or counsel students enrolled in pre-col- legiate basic skills courses, who have not declared an educational goal or those who are on academic probation. Refer you to specialized support services such as financial aid, health services, campus employment placement services, EOPS, cam- pus child care services, ESL programs and DSPS, as needed. Provide Orientation class(es) to guide you in establishing educational and career goals. Conduct workshops to help you improve time management, effective study skills and utiliza- tion of campus resources.

Matriculation Exemptions All new, returning, or transfer students are encouraged to participate in the Barstow College matriculation process. However, a student may choose not to participate. The following categories of students may be exempt from the matriculation process. Please check with a counselor before applying for an exemption.


Any student who started attending Barstow


College prior to Summer 1988. Students who have already completed an

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AA/AS or higher degree. Students taking non-credit classes. A student who is a matriculated student at

another college and is attending Barstow College concurrently.

Assessment Exemptions

  • A.

    Those who have been previously assessed and have written verification of scores from other accredited colleges or universities.

  • B.

    Students taking non-credit classes.

  • C.

    Students who have already completed an AA/AS degree or higher.


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