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    Students who have successfully completed degree-level English or math classes at another regionally accredited college or university. An official copy of a transcript from another school must be provided.

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    Students who are not otherwise being matricu- lated, except those who plan to register for English or math at Barstow College.

Requesting Deferrals of

Matriculation or Assessment Students requesting an exemption from the assessment component or any other matriculation requirement should contact a counselor.

Filing a Complaint/Grievance See a counselor if you wish to file a complaint or grievance regarding any matriculation compo- nent. If you do not receive satisfaction at that level, see the Student Grievance Policy.

Limitation on Enrollment:

Course Prerequisites Barstow College offers many courses that have prerequisites. "Prerequisite means a condition of enrollment that a student is required to meet in order to demonstrate current readiness for enroll- ment in a course or education program" (Title 5, Section 55220(a). Prerequisites may include courses as well as assessment test scores. A coreq- uisite is a course that must be taken along with the course in question. Course prerequisites and corequisites are noted in the Catalog and Schedule of Classes.

Challenging Course

Co/Prerequisites If blocked from a course because of either a pre- requisite or corequisite requirement, the student must challenge the prerequisite based on guide- lines established below.

Challenging course co/prerequisites requires writ- ten documentation that explains/verifies the alternative course work, background and/or abili-


ties that adequately prepare a student for the course. Student should initiate the challenge process well in advance of the semester in which they plan to register. Students may obtain a Co/Prerequisite Challenge Form from the Admissions and Records Office. Reasons for chal- lenging co/prerequisites must include one or more of the following:

  • A student has the documented knowledge or ability to succeed in the course;

  • A co/prerequisite course has not been reason- ably available over a period of several semes- ters;

  • A student believes that a co/prerequisite is dis- criminatory or is being applied in a discrimina- tory manner; or

  • The student believes that the co/prerequisite was established in violation of the District- approved process for establishing co/prerequi- sites.

To challenge a co/prerequisite, the student must submit the Challenge Form and documentation to the appropriate Division Chair and/or designee. If space is available in the class at the time the stu- dent files his/her challenge, he/she may register for the challenge course and the District will resolve the challenge within five academic calen- dar work days. If the challenge is approved or the District fails to resolve the challenge in a timely manner, the student may remain in the chal- lenged class. If the challenge is denied, he/she will be dropped from the challenged class. If no space is available in the course when a challenge is filed, and if the challenge is upheld, the student shall be permitted to enroll if space is available when the student registers for the subsequent term.

Matriculation Complaints Students who feel that assessment, orientation, counseling or any other Matriculation procedure is being applied in a discriminatory manner may file a complaint in accordance with the Student Grievance Procedure.

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