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What is Your Educational Goal?

Your educational goal is the objective of your education. There are several educational goals that you can achieve at Barstow College. You may choose more than one, and you may change your educational goal at any time.

Associate Degree An Associate Degree is the first college degree you can earn. It requires the completion of 60 units of required and elective courses and a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (“C”) or higher. You can earn an Associate Degree in two years if you attend full time (15 units a semester), but it will take longer if you attend part-time. More than 60 units may be required if you need basic skills courses or are undecided about your major.

Transfer to 4-Year College At Barstow College you can complete the first two years of coursework (“lower division”) required to earn a Bachelor’s Degree at a four- year college or university. You can then transfer to a 4-year institution as a junior. You can meet transfer requirements with or without earning an Associate Degree. Transfer and Associate Degree requirements, while similar, are not identical. For instance, transfer requires a more advanced math course.

Certificate of Completion Other certificate options are available through various occupational programs. These certifi- cates generally require less than 18 units of work within the major program. One example is the Family Day Care Certificate, offered under Child Development. For more information, con- tact the BCC Counseling Office.

Personal If you don’t choose to pursue a degree, certifi- cate or transfer, your educational goal may be to:

  • Enroll in personal interest courses

  • Explore career interests

  • Update current job skills

  • Learn new job skills

  • Improve basic skills, such as

English or math

  • Maintain a professional license

  • Complete high school credits

Certificate of Achievement A Certificate of Achievement, which is not a col- lege degree, may be earned in certain technical, vocational or business majors at Barstow College. Certificate programs focus almost exclusively on preparing you for a specific occu- pation. Few courses outside the major are required, except for competency requirements— see page 8.


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