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Asthma Health Outcomes Project

Overviews of Surveyed Asthma ProgramsSeptember 2005

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United Health Services Hospitals Asthma Coalition

United Health Services Hospitals

Johnson City, NY

Patricia Fell

(607) 763-6159         


The United Health Services Hospitals Asthma Coalition's pediatric asthma intervention was implemented in 1997 to improve the asthma severity and self-management skills of youth (8-11 years). The coalition provides a number of asthma activities that involve children, their parents, and healthcare providers.

The two main components are the Open Airways for Schools (OAS) program and disease management. OAS is implemented in 28 schools and provides asthma education to children 8-11 years with asthma at school. Disease management involves six telephonic sessions over a one year period. Asthma education is provided during the telephonic sessions. Materials are sent after each phone call covering the information that was already discussed. Topics include asthma physiology, medication use, equipment use, signs and symptoms of asthma, and triggers; content is based on the participants' needs).

The program also provides a home visit on referral from a provider at no charge to the patient. The home visit is provided by an RT to do an environmental assessment and education, and is followed by six phone calls from an RN asthma educator to continue education and provide support. The program also provides the CAP program, a pre school program developed by the American Lung Association, which is offered to day care providers and preschool teachers. Other program activities include an asthma resource center, educational sessions for parents/caregivers, and trainings for health care providers including a Pulmonary Teaching Day.

The program has improved the following health outcomes: emergency department visits, school absences, work loss, symptoms, medication use, functional status, use of an asthma action plan, and peak flow meter use.

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