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Asthma Health Outcomes Project

Overviews of Surveyed Asthma ProgramsSeptember 2005

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Influence of Asthma Education on Asthma Severity, Quality of Life and Environmental Control

Centre de Pneumologie de l'Hospital Laval

G1K 7P4  Canada

Johanne Cote

(418) 656-4747         


"Influence of Asthma Education on Asthma Severity, Quality of Life and Environmental Control" was implemented by Centre de Pneumologie de l'Hospital Laval of Sainte Foy, Canada. The program's main objectives were to assess the influence of an asthma education program on airway responsiveness, asthma symptoms, patients’ quality of life and environmental control. The study design was a prospective randomized, controlled study with parallel groups. The intervention took place in three tertiary care hospitals in Quebec. One hundred and eighty-eight adult patients with moderate to severe asthma participated. After optimization of asthma treatment with inhaled corticosteroids, patients were randomly assigned to receive either an education program based on self-management (one group based on symptoms and another based on peak flow monitoring) or usual care.

One year after the intervention, there was a significant decrease in the number of days per month without daytime asthma symptoms in the intervention group only. Asthma daily symptom scores decreased significantly in the intervention group in comparison with the control group. QOL scores also improved markedly in both groups after treatment optimization during the run-in period, but after the intervention, the QOL scores increased further in the intervention group. Those patients sensitized to house dust mites adopted the specific measures recommended to reduce their exposure to house dust mites, while none of the pts in the control group did. One year after the educational intervention, it was observed that the program had added value over and above that of optimization of mediation and regular clinical follow-ups.

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