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Asthma Health Outcomes Project

Overviews of Surveyed Asthma ProgramsSeptember 2005

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The Are Clinic

Arekliniken (The Are Clinic)

Are Sweden

Anna Svensson

46 647618005      



The Are Clinic's asthma program in Are, Sweden is an inpatient rehabilitation program for people with asthma. The overall aim is to lower the number of sick leave days for people with asthma. Participants are referred to the program by their providers. Participants come from all areas of Sweden. The following describes the program's two intervention activities.

The main intervention, a 2-4 week inpatient program, serves adults with asthma. Activities include education, pharmacological optimization, physical training, and coping skill acquisition. Staff include members of a multidisciplinary team: a physician, a nurse, a physiotherapist, a vocational therapist, a dietitian, a psychologist, and a laboratory technician. Upon discharge from the program the patient receives a self-management plan. Personnel from the multidisciplinary team keeps regular contact with the patient by mail, e-mail or phone up to one year in order to support the patient and make small adjustments to the self-management plan.

The second intervention is a week long camp for teenagers, aged 13-18 years,  with asthma. The camp follows the same curriculum as the adult program, but the activities are made more fun and tailored for the teenagers.

The program's data collection is ongoing and analysis occurs two times per year. The 2004 evaluation yielded the following positive health outcomes: hospitalization rates, emergency department visits, urgent care visits, unscheduled/sick office visits, work loss, quality of life for children, quality of life for adults, symptoms, medication use, change in clinical action (provider behavior), functional status, lung function (spirometry), self-management skills, use of an asthma action plan, peak flow meter use, and depression and anxiety.

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