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CLOSING DATE: 12 NOON, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2006, at Superintendents office, after which time en- tries cannot be accepted, canceled or substituted, except as provided for in Chapter 11 Section 6 of the Dog Show Rules.

Mail All Entries With Fees to Bob Peters Dog Shows, Superintendent, P.O. Box 579, Wake Forest, NC 27588. Checks payable to Bob Peters Dog Shows.

ENTRY FEES: $25.00 for the first entry of each dog (including $0.50 AKC recording fee & $1.50 Event Service Fee, or $3.00 if for Rally), ex- cept Puppy (6-9 & 9-12) and Bred By Exhibitor which are $20.00, and each additional entry of the same dog is $20.00. Junior Showmanship Competition is free as an additional entry. Sweepstakes Classes are $18.00, and must be entered in a regular class.

Facsimile Machine entries accepted up to closing time. For Mastercard/Visa cardholders ONLY. A $5.00 charge will be added to each dog entered, plus $1.00 for each additional class or item. Be sure to include cardholder’s name, ad- dress, card number, expiration date & signature on back of entry form. Front and back of entry form must be sent. A $3.00 Fee will be added for entry cancellations by credit card. Proof of transmission is not proof of receipt of a legible or com- plete transmission (under AKC Rule Chapter 11, Section 4). Phone number for Facsimile Machine is: (919)-554-0519.

Refunds of $3.00 or less will not be issued due to the cost of processing.

OVERNIGHT Express Delivery (Private Carriers Only) - Fed Ex, UPS, Airborne, etc. address is: 88 Wheaton Ave, Youngsville, NC 27596. (Include phone #: 919- 556-9516).

Make All Checks and Money Orders payable to Bob Peters Dog Shows, LTD., CANADIAN exhibitors must make fees payable in U.S. FUNDS. Please mail checks or money orders with entries. Superintendent assumes no responsi- bility for cash sent through the mail.

An AKC Recording Fee of $.50 and an AKC Event Service Fee of $1.50 will be required for each dog entered at any Licensed or Member Club Show, Obedience Trial, or Tracking Test. If a dog is entered in more than one class in one of these events, the AKC Recording Fee and Service Fee is to be collected on the first entry only. (AKC Rules Apply- ing to Dog Shows, Chapter 11, Section 2).

An AKC Recording Fee of $3.00 will be required for each entry in any Licensed or Member Club Rally Trial. If a dog is entered in more than one class in a Rally event, the AKC Recording Fee is to be collected on each of the entries of that dog. (AKC Rally Regulations, Chapter 1, Section 3).

All Recording Fees are paid to the American Kennel Club.

Telegraph, telephone, unsigned entries cannot be accepted. Entries not on official AKC entry forms & photocopies of entry forms without Agreement & Rules on the reverse side of the official AKC entry form are not acceptable.

Entries received without fees will not be accepted.

Acknowledgment of entries will be made as soon as practicable with tickets and/or identification cards. The person accompanying a dog must show tickets of admission & identification before the dog will be received. Should such ac- knowledgment not be received by exhibitor within a reasonable time, please notify the Superintendent.

No entry shall be made and no entry shall be accepted which specifies any conditions as to its acceptance.

Entry Fees shall not be refunded in the event that a dog is absent, disqualified, excused by Veterinarian or Judge, or barred from competition by action of Show Committee. If because of Riots, Civil Disturbances or other acts beyond control of the management it is impossible to open or to complete the show, no refund of entry fee will be made.

Postdated Checks and Returned Checks do not constitute a valid entry fee. The Secretary will add a collection fee to the amount of each returned check. Subsequent returned checks from the same exhibitors may result in their being put on CASH ONLY basis.

No Refund for Duplicate Entries. Every effort to find all duplicate entries will be made; however, if entry has been processed, no refund will be made.

Errors on Entry Blanks. Owners are responsible for errors in making out entry forms, whoever may make such errors, and no entry fee will be refunded in event of such errors or cancellation of entries after the published closing date.

Parents must be responsible for children. Children must be kept under supervision at all times.

At the discretion of the judge, a ramp may be used.


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