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      An official United States passport or personal identity card issued by the United States forces showing name, date of birth, rank and number (if any), service and photograph.

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      For members of the force, individual or collective movement order, in the English language, issued by an appropriate agency of the United States certifying the status of the individual or group as a member or members of a force and to the movement ordered.

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      A passport for authorized dependents traveling on orders.

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      Importation is the entry of goods into the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;

    • b.

      Exportation is the exit of goods from the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.


The United States forces and Bulgarian authorities shall fully cooperate, to include the exchange of information, in the investigation of suspicious activities with regard to customs violations.


  • 9.

    The importation/exportation of goods into the Republic of Bulgaria by or for the United States forces shall be accomplished using Form 302 (NATO Form 302). The United States forces are responsible for providing all other documents required for specific types of goods (e.g. food products, animals).

  • 10.

    Goods intended for official use of the United States forces shall normally be released immediately. In the remaining cases (frustrated cargo) cargo shall be released within 24 hours unless Bulgarian customs authorities have not received advanced notice of the entry or exit of goods in accordance with paragraph 4 above. If requested, the Bulgarian Executive Agent shall assist United States forces with the release of goods.

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    Importation and exportation of articles acquired by contractors acting for or on behalf of the United States forces shall follow the same procedures as in paragraph 9, with the exception that commercial customs and shipping documents may be utilized. Customs and shipping documents shall state that the articles are being imported/exported for or on behalf of the United States forces. They shall reference the contract number under which the articles are being imported/exported (subcontractors shall reference the prime contract with the United States), shall be consigned to the United States Contracting Officer or Contracting Officer’s Representative, and shall be delivered to various sites agreed by the appropriate authorities. If the shipment enters on commercial customs and shipping documents, the Officer referred to in paragraph 5 shall close those documents out and issue a Form 302 (NATO Form 302) covering the shipment.

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    United States forces and Bulgarian customs authorities shall coordinate efforts at Bulgarian airfields, airports, seaports and land border crossings to ensure goods are processed in accordance with the customs regulations of the United States and the Republic of Bulgaria. However, should Bulgarian customs authorities suspect that the importation or exportation of specific goods is not being done in accordance with the NATO SOFA, or the present Implementing Arrangement, they shall perform a customs inspection in the presence of a United States forces Customs Officer authorized for processing of goods by the USEUCOM. Also, should Bulgarian customs authorities suspect that specific goods are not being imported or have not been imported in accordance with the NATO SOFA, the Agreement or this Implementing Arrangement, these goods shall be sealed, transported if required, and inspected upon arrival at the agreed facilities or areas.


Official documents under official seal shall not be subject to customs inspection. Couriers carrying these documents shall be in possession of an individual movement order. This movement order shall show the number of dispatches carried and that they contain official documents.

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