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  • f)

    Objective of the fund and the respective pension plan or plans to be guaranteed;

  • g)

    Rules of management of the fund and representation of the founder members;

  • h)

    In the case of funds that finance contributory plans, the form of representation of the participants, which cannot be delegated to the associate;

  • i)

    Conditions for the transference of fund management to another management company and the deposit of securities and other assets of the fund to another depository;

  • j)

    Rights of the participants when they are no longer covered by the fund and the rights of the participants and beneficiaries when the fund is liquidated or when any of the associates is wound up or withdraws from the fund, without prejudice to the provisions of Article 9;

  • l)

    Conditions under which the management companies and the founder members reserve the right to modify the terms of the contract;

  • m)

    Conditions for winding up the fund, without prejudice to the provisions regulating this matter in the present law.

Article 16 (Actuarial valuation of liabilities)

The actuarial valuation of the liabilities that are to be guaranteed by the fund, in the case of defined benefit plans or mixed plans, and the respective financing plan shall contain the following information:

  • a)

    Number of participants and beneficiaries covered;

  • b)

    The basis and method of financing utilised;

  • c)

    Any other information that AMCM deems necessary for a complete

understanding of the financing plan of the respective pension plan.

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