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Shares will be able to be traded from 9 June to 16 June 2004 on a “delayed delivery” basis. None of Pumpkin Patch, the Lead Manager nor any of their respective directors, officers, employees or advisors accepts any

liability or responsibility should any person attempt to sell or otherwise deal with the Shares before the statements confirming allotment are received by the applicants for the Shares and the “delayed delivery” designation is lifted.

Book Build Process

The Indicative Price Range for the Shares is $1.20 to $1.40 per Share. Between Wednesday 2 June 2004 and Friday 4 June 2004 the Lead Manager will undertake a book build process inviting institutional and professional investors in New Zealand and Australia to submit bids indicating the number of Shares they wish to purchase at a range of prices. This book building process, in addition to demand indicated from other investor classes prior

to and during the book build process, will be used to assist the Company and the Lead Manager to determine

the Final Price(s). There is no assurance that any particular institutional or professional investor participating in the book build process will be allocated the Shares for which it has bid. In determining the final price(s) and allocations the Company and Lead Manager will take account of:

  • The overall demand profile for Shares at various prices;

  • Pricing indications from institutional and other investors under the book build process;

  • The desire of the Company to have an orderly and successful aftermarket for the Shares; and

  • Any other factors the Company considers relevant.

Application for Shares

Additional information on how to apply for Shares appears on page 90 and further details appear in the back of the Investment Statement. Investors must complete the Share Application Form in full to be eligible to be allocated Shares. This includes providing the applicant’s IRD number. Failure to include any of the required details may disqualify the application.

All applications by way of firm allocation under the Share Offer must include a cheque for the total application moneys. Applications under the Share Offer must be lodged in time for such applications to be forwarded and received by BK Registries Limited no later than 5.00pm on 4 June 2004.

The Company reserves the right to extend the Closing Date (in which case the key dates referred to on the inside front cover may change correspondingly).

The Company reserves the right to decline any Share Application in whole or in part, without giving any reason.

Money received in respect of applications which are declined in whole or part will be refunded in whole or in part (as the case may be). Interest will not be paid on any application money refunded.

Minimum Application

Applications under the Share Offer must be made for a minimum of $5,000 worth of shares and in increments of $500 thereafter.


Institutional investors or professional investors that are allocated Shares under the book build process must settle their allocation prior to 5:00pm on Tuesday 8 June 2004 via Austraclear or in cleared funds under notification to the Lead Manager.

Other investors must make payment of the Share Application Price in full upon application under the Share Offer. All cheques in payment of application moneys must be denominated in New Zealand dollars and made payable to “The Pumpkin Patch Share Offer” and crossed “Not Transferable.” Cheques will be banked as they are received and must not be post-dated.


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