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Stock Market Investment

The price of the Shares on the NZX may rise or fall due to numerous factors which may affect the market price of Pumpkin Patch Shares, including:

  • General economic conditions, including performance of the New Zealand dollar on world markets, inflation

rates and interest rates;

  • Variations in the general market for listed stocks, in general, or for New Zealand stocks, in particular;

  • Changes to government policy, legislation or regulation; and

  • General operational and business risks.

In particular, the share prices for many companies have in recent times been subject to wide fluctuations,

which in many cases may reflect a diverse range of non-company specific influences such as global hostilities,

acts of terrorism and the general state of the world economy. Such market fluctuations may adversely affect the market price of the Shares.

No assurances can be made that Pumpkin Patch’s market performance will not be adversely affected by any such market fluctuations or factors.

Liquidity and Realisation Risk

There can be no guarantee that an active market in the Shares will develop or that the price of the Shares will increase. There may be relatively few or many potential buyers or sellers of the Shares on the NZX at any time. This may increase the volatility of the market price of the Shares. It may also affect the prevailing market price at which Shareholders are able to sell their Shares. This may result in Shareholders receiving a market price for their Shares that is less or more than the price that Shareholders paid.

Investors should also seek professional guidance from their stockbrokers, solicitors, accountants and other professional advisers before deciding whether to invest.

Consequences of Insolvency and/or Winding Up


In the event of insolvency of Pumpkin Patch, Shareholders will not be liable to anyone for payment of any money.

In these circumstances, Shareholders would not receive any return of money in respect of shares until Pumpkin

Patch had paid all its other creditors,both secured and unsecured,including the costs of liquidation or receivership. Any assets remaining after the payments of debt would be distributed to Pumpkin Patch shareholders in proportion to their respective shareholdings and may not be sufficient to repay Shareholders in full.


In the event of insolvency of Pumpkin Patch, Option Holders would not be liable to anyone for payment of any

money. Option Holders are not entitled to share in any assets of the Company.


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