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    If your Share Application Form is not completed correctly, or if the accompanying payment is for the wrong amount, your Application may still be treated as valid. The Company’s decision as to whether to treat your application as valid, and how to construe, amend or complete your Share Application Form, shall be final. The Company’s decision on the number of Shares to be allotted to you shall also be final. Applicants will not, however, be treated as having applied to purchase more Shares than the number indicated on the Share Application Form, or more Shares than those for which payment has been made.

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    The Company reserves the right to refuse any application in whole or in part, without giving any reason.

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    Further details of how to apply are set out in the section titled “How to Apply” (on page 60 of the Investment Statement).


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    Payment must accompany each Share Application Form. Payment must be made by a cheque drawn on a New Zealand bank, for New Zealand dollars, for value immediately. Post-dated cheques will not be accepted. Please ensure that the total of the cheque equals the amount payable.

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    Make the cheque payable to “The Pumpkin Patch Share Offer” and cross it “Not Transferable”.

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    Sufficient cleared funds should be held in your account, as cheques returned unpaid are likely to result in your application being rejected or your allocation being cancelled. Staple your cheque to the Share Application Form.

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    Institutional investors or professional investors that are successfully allocated Shares under the book build process must settle their allocation prior to 5.00pm on Tuesday 8 June 2004 via Austraclear or in cleared funds under notification to the Lead Manager.

Minimum Applications


Applications must be for a minimum of $5,000 worth of Shares and in increments of $500 thereafter.

Closing Date


Applications must be received by no later than 5.00pm New Zealand time on 4 June 2004 unless this date is varied by Pumpkin Patch. Pumpkin Patch has the right to extend the Offer period.


  • 7.

    Applications cannot be revoked or withdrawn.

  • 8.

    Share Application Forms must be mailed or delivered (with payment) to “The Pumpkin Patch Share Offer” c/- BK Registries Limited (see address below) to arrive on or before 4 June 2004.

  • 9.

    You may lodge your application with any Primary Market Participant or Goldman Sachs JBWere (NZ) Limited (as Lead Manager) or any other channel approved by the NZX, but must deliver it in time to enable the application to be forwarded to BK Registries Limited before the relevant closing time.

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    Please lodge your application AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


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