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6. Vesting and Resumption of Shares

Ordinary Shares issued or transferred as the result of the exercise of an Option shall immediately vest in and be transferred to the Scheme Member and shall not in any way be subject to the provisions of the Scheme.

  • 7.


    • 7.1

      Amendment: The Company may from time to time modify or amend all or any of the provisions of the Scheme or the Rules and any such modification or amendment shall be embodied in a Deed executed by the Company and forwarded to all Scheme Members, provided that no modification or amendment may be made which shall substantially adversely affect the financial position of any Scheme Member unless that Scheme Member consents to the modification or amendment or the modification or amendment is consented to in writing by at least 75% of all then current Scheme Members holding Options under the relevant Scheme.

    • 7.2

      Spirit of the Scheme: If any circumstance arises which might result in the spirit and intent of the Scheme not being fulfilled, the Company shall use all reasonable endeavours to effect any modification to the Scheme required to preserve that spirit and intent.

    • 7.3

      Fractions: If a calculation or adjustment under the Scheme produces a fraction of a cent or Ordinary Share, the product shall be rounded to the nearest whole number favourable to the Scheme Member.

    • 7.4

      Delay: No failure, delay or indulgence by the Company in exercising any power or right conferred on it under the Scheme shall operate as a waiver of that power or right nor shall a single exercise of a power or right preclude further exercises of or the exercise of any other power or right under the Scheme.

    • 7.5

      Quotation: The Company shall not apply, or be required to apply, for quotation of an Option on the NZX nor does the Company undertake to remain listed on the NZX and/or have Ordinary Shares quoted on the NZX.

    • 7.6

      Disputes: Any dispute or difference affecting the issue or exercise of the Options shall be determined by the Company whose decision shall be final and binding in all respects.

    • 7.7

      Dispute Resolution:

      • 7.7.1

        Written Notice: In the event of a dispute concerning the provisions of this Scheme or any Rules arising between a Scheme Member and the Company, then the person claiming that a dispute has arisen must give written notice to the other specifying the nature of the dispute (“Dispute Notice”).

      • 7.7.2

        Mediation: Any person sending or receiving a Dispute Notice (“Party”) may require any dispute, which has not been resolved within 10 Business Days of the date of the Dispute Notice, to be referred to mediation. The mediator shall be appointed by both Parties, or failing agreement within 5 Business Days of the date of reference to mediation, appointed by the Chairperson of the New Zealand Chapter of Lawyers engaged in Alternative Dispute Resolution. The mediator shall conduct the mediation in accordance with the guidelines agreed between the Parties or, if the Parties cannot agree within 10 Business Days following appointment of the mediator, in accordance with the guidelines set by the mediator. The costs and expenses of the mediator shall be shared by the Parties equally.

      • 7.7.3

        Arbitration: In the event that the dispute is not resolved by mediated agreement or otherwise within 30 Business Days of the date of the Dispute Notice, either Party may by written notice served on the other Party require the dispute to be determined by the arbitration of a single arbitrator. The


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