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Part 4.

Investor Protection and Public Notice

I. Rights of Shareholders

  • 1.

    General Meeting of Beneficiaries and Voting Rights

    • The Fund has a general meeting of shareholders consisting of all shareholders.

    • If a matter requiring the resolution of shareholders affects only the shareholders

of a specific class of the Fund, a meeting consisting of only them can be held.

Shareholders may vote by written absentee ballot.

If the Korea Securities

Depository sends notice of meetings or if a shareholder so manager must ensure that necessary information on voting ballot is sent to the shareholders.

requests, by written

the asset absentee

A shareholder wishing to vote by written absentee ballot must the form pursuant to Paragraph (1) and submit it to the asset

day before the day of the meeting of shareholders.



state its vote on manager by one written absentee

ballot are recognized as votes exercised at the meeting.

  • The asset manager shall keep documentation on exercise of voting rights submitted by the shareholder pursuant to the above at its head office for six months from the date of meeting of shareholders.

    • 2.

      Distribution of the Remaining Assets

  • The shareholders of this Fund may request payment of principal and dividends (“Termination Proceeds”) upon expiration of the trust term or termination of the Fund.

  • The trustee must promptly deliver the termination proceeds to the distributor or the Authorized Participant pursuant to the asset manager’s instructions.

  • After the trustee has delivered the termination proceeds to the distributor or the Authorized Participant, the distributor or the Authorized Participant is liable for payment to the shareholders.

  • The distributor or the Authorized Participant must promptly pay the shareholders the termination proceeds received from the trustee. If it is difficult to pay the termination proceeds due to delay in the sale of underlying securities, payment must be made after the causes for delay have been resolved.

  • To be paid the termination proceeds, the shareholders must surrender the share certificates to the distributor or the Authorized Participant.


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