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Each navigation system DVD contains a map/POI (point of interest) database and the navigation system software for each model that it supports. Inserting an older DVD (such as an earlier version than indicated in the table on the previous page) can cause problems since it lacks the software to provide the specific features needed for that model. Unfortunately, the navigation software does not detect or warn you that the version is outdated, and it may even appear to operate.

NOTE: Replacing a DVD just because the version number is higher is not always warranted. A higher software version (see below) DOES NOT necessarily mean it contains newer software for your model. The DVD contains software for ALL models that use the same color DVD, and a revised number may or may not have software fixes or upgrades for the model in question.

Typical warning symptoms that an outdated DVD is being used include:

  • An Acura model navigation screen may display a Honda logo while booting up.

  • A newly introduced model feature (for example, XM radio) may not display properly, and Extension will display instead.

NOTE: Extension may be displayed when using Music Link, but should never be displayed when XM is selected.

  • The current street (the street being driven on) may not appear properly at the bottom of the map screen display when the vehicle is driven on a main road. NOTE: If necessary, compare the operation to the navigation system of the same model vehicle that has a current DVD.


To determine the navigation version on a particular model, start the engine, then locate the navigation control unit (see the appropriate service manual). Open the DVD door, and push the eject button to eject the DVD. Hold the DVD by the edges, and check for these items:

  • The label color (see the chart on the previous page for model application).

  • Read the DVD version on the label, and note it on the repair order. The version number is near the bottom of the label text (for example, ver: 4.23A). You will need this version number:

    • -

      To verify that the DVD version is appropriate for the vehicle.

    • -

      Any time you call Tech Line regarding a navigation system issue.


  • -

    To answer client inquiries concerning update or

coverage issues.

NOTE: Clients may obtain DVDs from sources outside the normal ordering process. If you determine this is the case, recommend that your client purchase the appropriate DVD from the Acura Disc Fulfillment Center (see ORDERING A DVD).

  • -

    Check the underside of the DVD for signs of mishandling. Deep scratches, swirl marks, or fingerprints can cause random lock-ups, reboots, and DVD read or format errors. NOTE: A damaged DVD is not covered under warranty unless the disc is damaged by the navigation unit. Damage by the navigation unit typically appears as circular scratches caused by something rubbing against the DVD as it spins. The damage may appear as arcs or complete circles on the DVD reading surface.

  • -

    Verify that the underside of the DVD is silver, and not a “copy” with a blue color. Copies will not work properly and can cause other symptoms that mimic hardware problems.

If the DVD is defective, or has any of the issues mentioned above, return the vehicle to your client and recommend that they order the proper DVD from the Acura Disc Fulfillment Center (see ORDERING A DVD).

NOTE: If it is determined that the control unit is defective (through the appropriate service manual troubleshooting procedures) and the DVD will not eject, order a replacement navigation control unit, and also order a DVD from the Acura Disc Fulfillment Center.


The Acura Disc Fulfillment Center (888-549-3798) will know the correct color DVD application for each vehicle and can provide the latest version. To order on-line, go to www.Acura.com and select Acura store and Order update DVD. When prompted, enter the year and model. The site automatically references a current DVD application chart, and selects the correct color and version DVD for you. You are then given the choice of a Coverage, FAQs, or Order link. The client’s navigation system manual provides additional ordering and installation information. This information is located in the Customer Assistance section.

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