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Maintaining inventory of navigation system DVDs for client convenience is not recommended. Since the various navigation systems are version-sensitive (meaning that even if the correct color DVD is used, an older version may not work), stocking navigation DVDs can result in any of these problems:

  • Incorrectly colored DVDs being put into navigation vehicles. This causes the system to either display error messages, or it causes system malfunctions that mimic a hardware problem. This results in the client driving away with a malfunctioning navigation system.

  • The DVD version provided to the client is out-of-date or incompatible with a particular model. This inconveniences your client by delaying the repair, or by causing additional (and unnecessary) returns to your dealership.

  • The client experiences bugs or other issues that have already been resolved in later versions currently available at the fulfillment desk.

These ordering procedures are recommended.

  • Always order navigation DVDs on an as-needed basis. During a typical model year, each color DVD may undergo a half a dozen “software only” version upgrades to fix minor issues on some or all models the DVD supports. This is normal. Usually only the letter at the end of the version number changes, while the database (maps and POIs) remain unchanged.

  • Never promise your clients future free updates. There are no free programs for updating the navigation DVD. Update DVDs are generally available for purchase each fall. The on-line DVD order site provides information when an update for a particular color DVD is available. NOTE:

    • Refer to the version chart in this bulletin when ordering any navigation system DVD.

    • Damaged discs are not warrantable.


To avoid damaging or leaving fingerprints on the DVD, always handle it by the edges and place it in a jewel case whenever it is outside the navigation control unit. Deep scratches or fingerprints on the back of the DVD can cause intermittent rebooting or other system errors.

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Smudges and fingerprints can be carefully removed using a mild cleaner and tissues designed to clean eyeglasses. To clean a DVD, use a clean soft cloth. Very gently wipe across the DVD from the center to the outside edge, never in a circular motion.

Do not place stabilizer rings or labels on the DVD.


  • 1.

    Park the vehicle outside, and start the engine.

  • 2.

    Eject the old DVD.

  • 3.

    Install the new navigation DVD. Be sure to close the door on the navigation control unit.

  • 4.

    Select OK on the disclaimer screen, then turn the vehicle OFF. Wait 1 minute, and restart the vehicle.

  • 5.

    Select OK on the disclaimer screen.

  • 6.

    Drive the vehicle on a mapped road until the road name appears at the bottom of the map screen. The system is now map-matched.


Your client might request a look (or “sneak preview”) at features in the latest navigation software. You should never preview a navigation DVD in a client’s vehicle. Inserting a new DVD installs the latest software from the DVD into the memory of the client’s navigation system. When the original DVD is reinstalled, the newer software remains in memory and is often incompatible with the client’s original DVD Map and POI database.

If your client wishes to see the latest navigation coverage or software features, demonstrate it on an in- stock vehicle that already has the latest DVD version.

If, by chance, a newer version is loaded accidentally, either by the dealer or the client, the only remedy is to enter the navigation diagnostic mode’s Version screen and do a forced download. Refer to the iN for applicable patches that may need reinstalling.

NOTE: A forced download is not possible when the client upgrades their 2005 white-labeled DVD version 4.13 with an ’06 or later DVD version 4.31 or greater. Either a new version DVD must be purchased, or the navigation control unit replaced.


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