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through music” (connecting). Students asked questions (questioning) of each other to help

clarify and bring consensus to each theme and character. I asked (questioning), “How do you

think your playing of each musical section will change now that you have identified the theme

with a character?” Several students stated (clarifying and connecting), “we have to sort of

imagine what it [the poem] said as we play.” Another student stated (clarifying), “I think it will

help show to the listener what I was feeling. Another said, “I’ll still play it the way I was playing

before; I don’t think it will affect my playing.” We then explored (clarifying) similarities and

differences among each character’s theme and discussed how these similarities and differences

relate to the telling of the story through the music. One student stated (connecting), “It helps me

to think of how in a movie [it] would be and how an orchestra would play it.” I asked

(questioning) the class, “If I play music from a movie, can you tell the character and movie that

they’re from?” (clarifying). They responded with “Yes.” I then extended the lesson by playing

several selections from movies, including “Yoda’s Theme” and “Darth Vader’s Imperial March”

from the Star Wars movies, “Hedwig’s Theme” from Harry Potter, and the theme from Jaws.

They knew all but Hedwig’s theme. They knew that it was from Harry Potter, but did not know

the theme represented Harry’s owl, and not Harry Potter himself. I then assigned the students to

select a song from their home music collection that would become their theme music

(connecting). They had to choose one song that summed up who they were and present their

themes in a later class.

During the fourth, fifth, and sixth weeks of rehearsal, I planned to teach texture and

harmonic language through fabrics and colors. That changed when a sophomore violinist asked

about the relationship of the poem of Russlan and Ludmilla to Greek mythology (connecting). I

asked, “Do you think they are similar?” (predicting and clarifying.) She stated, “Yes, because it

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